To travel or not to travel, that is the question.

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To Travel

In light of the recent attacks in Belgium, we are once again left sad and scared.

It’s heartbreaking when people lose their lives and the thought of the fear these people faced. It is also very sad how common this has become and how often these attacks are happening that our responses now have become, “Not again!” instead of shock as they used to be when they were not so frequent.  Because of this we are left with tears in our eyes and fear asking questions like “Will I be safe? Should we stay home or continue to travel?” “Where should we travel and not have to worry?”  It is completely understandable to be scared seeing those who died and all the horrific injuries. One thing we have learned for certain though, is that we do not know when and where these attacks are going to happen.

We have two choices and those are to stay home and be scared, or not to. I believe that its more important than ever to continue to do the things we love. We need to stay strong.

Now for those who know me, you know that I have never really been one to choose the cautious route. I’ve done a lot of risky things and made choices that were not considered the safest but I would not change that and I am still here today ( so far ) to talk about it and they have all ( thankfully ) ended up being really great things in my life. I could have chosen to live a much safer life, and maybe not be here today or maybe have a much more boring life story. Our life is full of decisions that are all a gamble and any of them could put us in danger. Deciding to skip your morning coffee and leaving 5 minutes early for work, causing you to get in OR miss a car accident. You really just never know! That being said, I continue to choose to live my life normally. I refuse to live life in fear. I could get hit by a car tomorrow in front of my house as easily as I could be a victim of terrorism next week in whatever travel destination I choose.

Now, there are still precautions that need to be taken….  

I am not saying by any means to just go be careless and reckless. There is a middle ground between living in fear never wanting to leave your house and being completely reckless. Travel, yes but also be safe in your travels. When planning your travel, check advisories and warnings and pay attention to them. For Americans, you can look here. For other countries, just search for your countries information. Do research on places you’re traveling to so you know the areas your going and which areas to stay away from because of normal high crime. Try to stay low-key.

And.. ( this is somewhat related but mostly not… ) for the love of god,,, please stop posting pictures of your boarding passes with flight information, full names and bar codes on instagram or facebook or whatever where strangers or stalkers can either track ya down ( especially solo female travelers ) or steal your information. You would be surprised what hackers can pull off of those bar codes leaving you with an empty bank account in a foreign city.  You might as well say ” Hey everyone, Im traveling to this specific place at this specific time and I am alone and vulnerable and as a bonus here is my cc information in case you want that too.” Just be smart!

Anyways, back to the topic at hand… One of the purposes of these attacks I believe is to scare us. And yes, it is working.. we are scared. But staying home, changing the way we live our life, not doing the things we enjoy, only makes us a victim too.

During these times of fear and chaos in the world, we also tend to forget about the good stuff. We forget about all the happy and good things that are still going strong in this world. There are beautiful cultures to see and wonderful people to meet. We as a society tend to focus on the negative which is unfortunate because there is so much positivity and beauty still alive all around us, waiting for us to embrace it. We choose what to focus on.

There is so much positivity and beauty still alive all around us, waiting for us to embrace it.

Live your life! Do the things you love! Keep your plans and enjoy them but do it cautiously. Or don’t. Its your choice. Ive made mine. In the meantime, we pray for those effected by these tragedies. We pray for their families and all the others they left behind and we pray for those injured to have fast recoveries.


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