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iNeibo Silicone Travel Bottles 3oz 3 Pack – 【TSA Airline Carry-On Approved】 – Squeezable & Refillable Travel Containers For Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Toiletries
iNeibo Silicone Travel Bottles 3oz 3 Pack – 【TSA Airline Carry-On Approved】 – Squeezable & Refillable Travel Containers For Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Toiletries
  • Buy two or more iNeibo Travel bottle(Any size and package), get $2 off on this deal(Find the coupons code on the below promo box, enter it when check out)
  • Set of 3 small bottles, 3oz, perfect for shampoo, save space, easy to carry, pack with zippered clear bag. TSA Airline carry-on approved
  • Easy to IDENTIFY WHAT IS IN YOUR BOTTLE. The bottle design with several pre-printed label on the lid for you to identify contents in the bottle. Or you can use a maker to make your own label on the lid
  • Leak-proof design bottle lid, create 3 layers protection to prevent drop, leaks and spills
  • Come with sucker each bottle, suck it on mirror or wall to squeeze out the shampoo/condition
Silicone Travel Bottle 3oz(3 pieces/set) Main function: *3oz, perfect size to carry shampoo, condition, gel or other toiletries *Flexible and soft, easy to squeeze * Pack with zippered clear bag, TSA Airline carry-on approved, easy to store and carry *Special design. Liquid won't leak out even though the lid is open *Come with a sucker on the bottle, sucking it on the glass or mirror *Special design to mark bottle what liquid in it *TSA Airline carry-on approved
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ONWEGO – Best Inflatable Travel Pillow
ONWEGO – Best Inflatable Travel Pillow
  • COMFORT - With its soft and smooth pillow-top material and plush foam interior, this pillow was designed with comfort in mind. Contoured to cradle your head and support your neck. No hollow feel!
  • ADJUSTABLE - Simply twist open the travel pillow's safety-lock air valve and watch it self-inflate! To increase firmness, gently blow into the air pillow's valve. To deflate, open the valve and roll the pillow towards the valve opening.
  • COMPACT SIZE - Inflates to 20in x 12in. 5.5in x 6in when fully deflated and rolled into the convenient travel sack. Weighs just 10.5 oz; about the weight of a softball.
  • DURABLE YET SOFT - Constructed from specialized outdoor-grade moisture resistant materials. Whether you're leisurely vacationing with your family, camping for the weekend, or backpacking the Rockies - this air travel pillow can keep up.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT - The pillows back is made to prevent slipping while you rest. This dual-purpose material is rugged and comfortable at the same time. It's the only travel pillow you'll ever need!
The ONWEGO INFLATABLE TRAVEL PILLOW: - Features a convenient SELF INFLATING TRAVEL PILLOW design - Bold color options; Choose from BLACK, BLUE, ORANGE, or GREEN - Versatile AIR TRAVEL PILLOW for all travel and outdoor occasions, including: air travel, car travel, train travel, camping, hiking, trips to the beach, vacations, laying under the stars, relaxing in a hammock, road trips, bus trips, RVing, and so much more.   The features you demand in an AIR PILLOW FOR TRAVEL: - The Soft and Smooth pillow top makes for the ultimate in COMFORTABLE TRAVEL PILLOWS - Easily increase or decrease firmness with the ADJUSTABLE TRAVEL PILLOW valve - Quick to inflate, deflate, and stores away in a compact lightweight pack - Easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth with a touch of soap - Using as a camping or outdoor pillow? Doesn't absorb humidity so there's no damp or sticky feeling.   ONWEGO has created the BEST INFLATABLE TRAVEL PILLOW and we're confident that you will agree. - Gone are the days of rolling your jacket into a ball to attempt to sleep on an airplane. - Gone are the days of stuffing your dirty clothes onto a bag or pillowcase to make your own CAMPING PILLOW.   AIR TRAVEL PILLOW Specifications: - Size; fully inflated: 20 x 12 inches - Size; rolled into the convenient travel sack: 5.5in x 6in - Weight: 10.5oz (298g) Product Warranty:For warranty information about this product, pleaseclick here  
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