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The doorways of Italy are a sight to be seen. After a visit from a friend who wanted to take photos and the inspiration from an old super cool door collage our landlords left on our wall, it quickly became an obsession! I find myself always looking for doors now to photograph when I’m out walking around. There are many different sizes, colors and personalities even. They can range from brittle wood to solid iron and in many, you can still see the old doorframes in brick showing how old they really are and how instead of building completely new doors, over time, people just added to or build around the old frames! They are like portals to a different world and time. I cant help but always wonder what is on the other side! There’s something mysterious about a door thats been around for hundreds of years. Think of all the people from different era’s that have walked through them. Most of these photos were taken in Liguria. You can tell there was a lot of thought put into keeping people out especially in bigger buildings. I know safety is not an issue in my building with a massive iron door with huge heavy lion knockers followed by four other doors before making it inside my casa. Bring it on zombie apocalypse. We got this! Speaking of door knockers..there are some really cool ones and I may do an album on that later, but for now, I hope you enjoy some of these doorways of Italy.