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I’m Natalie and in 2013 I decided to leave my job and everything I really knew behind and started traveling the world! I grew up as what is called an “Army Brat”. This allowed me to see many place’s all over the world. This included living many years in Germany (on two different occasions). I also lived in several different state’s across America with many other fun travel’s and countrie’s in between. So needless to say, from an early age, I grew to love and appreciate different culture’s. I really love experiencing all the different types of beauty the world has to offer! I have recently,in the past couple of years taken up amateur photography to try to capture the feelings, moments and places I have been blessed to experience. I want to share my stories, photos, tips and recommendations with you! If I can help even one person plan a better trip, or motivate someone into traveling somewhere they have dreamed of for a long time, then I have succeeded! Happy Travels!