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Rome On A Layover
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  One of the best parts of traveling abroad is having layovers in really cool places!! Usually it’s default for most people to book flight’s with the shortest layovers possible in order to get to their destinations stat! One very important … Read More

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I’m Natalie and in 2013 I decided to leave my job and everything I really knew behind and started traveling the world! I grew up as what is called an “Army Brat”. This allowed me to see many place’s all over … Read More

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  The doorways of Italy are a sight to be seen. After a visit from a friend who wanted to take photos and the inspiration from an old super cool door collage our landlords left on our wall, it quickly … Read More

Petra – ‘A Red Rose City Half As Old As Time.’
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Petra is like something out of a movie! Oh wait…. it is in the movies! That’s because it’s..well..AMAZING! It’s somewhere I had always dreamed of going but never imagined I would actually make it there. I finally got to see … Read More

A Quick Guide to Yosemite National Park
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If you are looking for a place that combines beauty, adventure, spectacular views, fine dining, and everything in between, Yosemite National Park is the place for you.      As one of the oldest national parks in the country and … Read More

To travel or not to travel, that is the question.
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In light of the recent attacks in Belgium, we are once again left sad and scared. It’s heartbreaking when people lose their lives and the thought of the fear these people faced. It is also very sad how common this … Read More

Venice Carnival
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What better way is there to spend Valentines Day than in Venice Italy!? We decided to take road trip with a few stops along the way to experience a really awesome weekend! It just so happens that in 2015, it was … Read More